Still Entry Preparation

This year, in an attempt to simplify the submission process further, we need three things from you in your image’s IPTC; Description/Caption, Keyword, and Image Title

  • Description/Caption without the photographer’s name
      • Your images most likely already have captions, so preserving this information is tantamount.
      • Make sure your name is NOT in the caption field.
      • When adding the XMP file that contains the new IPTC information, uncheck the description box so when you apply the IPTC Stationery pad the information will not be overwritten.

In Photo Mechanic

In Photoshop

      • Using Photoshop to add the IPTC data to each photo is a more time-consuming method. At KNPA the preferred method of adding and appending IPTC Stationery Pad info is Photo Mechanic.
      • As a tip for those using Photoshop, it may be wise to copy the Caption/Description before loading the XMP file so as not to lose that existing information.

  • Keyword with the category code. (01_Pro for Spot News Professional or 01_Stud for Spot News Student, 02_Pro or 02_Stud, etc.)


Category Codes can be found HERE.


In Photo Mechanic

In Photoshop

  • Image Title

In Photo Mechanic

In Photoshop

Just a little background about ITPC

When using Photo Mechanic, you will be accessing the IPTC Stationery Pad from the Image Menu.

This will allow you to add the XMP file that was provided to you in your email.


It is important to know there is a distinction from the IPTC information already contained within your image and the XMP file that contains new IPTC information that you will be adding. If you have any questions about how these work send an email to: email (at) knpa (dot) org and we will answer your questions.


This is an example of the IPTC information in an existing image.

This is an example of the IPTC Stationery Pad that you will clear out and load the XMP provided to you.

Adding IPTC File to images in Photo Mechanic

Adding IPTC File to images in Photoshop

Once you have all your images selected and captioned, you just need to add them to the corresponding folders that will be provided to you via Dropbox that match the category you wish to have them entered in. It may seem redundant since you added the category keyword, but this is just another way of making sure images get in the correct category for the judges’ slideshow.


When naming images for multiple image categories and POY entries, be sure to use a consistent filename and sequence as the images will be displayed by filename. Also for multiple image categories, add a 1 pixel by 1 pixel blank image at the beginning of the sequence to serve as a spacer between other participants’ entries.

When sizing images, be aware that the larger the image, the more space that will be used from your Dropbox account. A safe size for the images is 2000 px on the long side at 100 dpi.




To enter the The Still Contest click, HERE